Borealis Fermentery: Mon Cherries

A rare Belgian Dubbel that’ll have you singing, “Mon Cherries Amor”.

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Borealis Fermentery Mon Cherries Belgian double ale beer
Mon Cherries Belgian Dubbel from Borealis Fermentery.

Outside Duluth, MN is Borealis Fermentery, a small brewery with a penchant for Belgian-style beers. 

This one is Mon Cherries, a Belgian dubbel that is oak aged and made with cherries. It was brought to us by our dear friend John, who has been aging it for almost a year, and it is delicious.

It pours an opaque black, that has a very deep red color at the edges, and is nicely carbonated.

You definitely notice a cherry aroma, but the taste isn’t dominated by a cherry flavor. It’s present, but is balanced nicely against the sweet maltiness of the beer. And unlike most Belgian-style beers, this isn’t hoppy or smokey.

This is a great sipping beer, and at 10% abv, that’s exactly what you’d want to do. Personally, I think it would be best enjoyed with some quality vanilla ice cream or a thick slab of chocolate cake.

You’re unlikely to find this outside of Minnesota, but if you come across it, I’d recommend this to anyone no matter your beer expertise.

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