Flying Dog: The Truth IPA

To truth is, it’s a really tasty IPA. Keep reading to see why.

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Flying Dog Truth IPA craft beer
The Truth IPA from Flying Dog is one of favorite IPA craft beers.

Well-known mostly on the East Coast, Flying Dog has become a brewery with a lot more going for it than just artistic labels. Their beers have really come into their own with nicely balanced flavors that make for brews that appeal to the casual beer fan and beer geeks alike.

Fortunately, The Truth IPA also follows suit.

It’s a nice golden colored ale with good carbonation and a nice 8.7% abv. This is an Imperial IPA (also known as a double IPA), which typically have a STRONG bitter hop flavor. 

This one doesn’t. Instead, it’s bitter without being obnoxious. There are nice citrus-like flavors, including grapefruit, and it’s really light and refreshing. With this flavor combo, it’s very much a West Coast style.

It is still fairly strong in flavor, so it may not be a good intro to IPAs, but if you like that style, you’re going to love this. It’s a great go-to beer for IPA aficionados.

Overall, it’s a good one, complimenting the rest of the Flying Dog line. And one that I enjoy as frequently as I can.

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