Lagunitas: Cappuccino Stout

Stout, chocolate, coffee – what’s not to love? Here’s why.

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Lagunitas Cappuccino coffee Stout beer
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout is a rich with coffee flavors – and amazingness.

Christian, here – I’m a BIG fan of Lagunitas Brewing Co, and coffee and, well, stout.

So when I saw a beer called Cappuccino Stout, I jumped at it.
This one’s a beauty – completely opaque with a dark head. The aroma is a subtle, cold-brewed coffee with hints of bitter dark chocolate. 

The taste is warm & toasty with mild sweetness, with coffee making its presence known in the aftertaste. I noticed that the more you drink this, the more you get a mild “alcohol” flavor happening. But with this being a heavy 9.2% abv, it’s understandable.

Overall, this one is pretty good and, if you can find it, is well worth picking up, particularly at it’s price point. Casual fans can easily enjoy this one as a sipping beer on its own, or paired with a rich dessert.

I, myself, could really go for another!

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