Yerevan: Premium

Ever had a beer from Armenia? We have.

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Bottle and glass of Yerevan Premium Craft Beer
Yerevan Premium Beer pours a great gold color. It’s taste? Is, interesting.

Here’s a beer that you’ve likely never had.

On the rare occasion that I get to a Middle-Eastern restaurant, I’m often interested in trying something new. In this case, I spotted a beer list with several beers I’d never heard of (including “Bule Moon”…), so I opted for one to go with my kabob.
What I ended up with was Yerevan Premium Beer, imported from Armenia.

Named after the capitol city, Yerevan is considered a European Pale Lager (think Stella Artois or Heineken) that pours a hazy, light gold. The carbonation is a bit light, as is the mild 4.6% ABV alcohol content.

Likely brewed with wheat or rice, this beer has very mild flavors that are slightly sweet, a little citrus, and actually reminded me of a sweet white wine. 

This actually wouldn’t be a bad summer beer, but I really think you need to keep this beer cold to maintain the flavors. If it warms up to room temp, I’m thinking it would start to get REALLY sweet – and not in a good way.

Bottom line, you’re unlikely to find this, and that might not be a bad thing. It’s a bit of an oddball that’s fun to try, but not worth seeking out on purpose. 

If anyone else has tried Yerevan, we’d love to know what you thought.


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