Dogfish Head: Namaste White

Namaste – the light beer in me is the light…oh, never mind.

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Pint bottle of Dogfish Head Namaste White Belgian craft beer
Dogfish Head’s Namaste White is a Belgian-style witbier that goes great with sitting outside on a hot summer day.
The warm weather is upon us, and with it comes the welcome activity of sitting outside while sipping a lighter beer. And nary a pumpkin or fruitcake-spiced beer in sight!

This of course makes me VERY happy since I don’t really care for the cold weather – even if it means the arrival of some really great stouts and heavy ales full of malty goodness.

No, friends, I’m a warm-weather guy. Give me sunshine and weather over 65 degrees, and I’m good. Especially when I can enjoy a lighter beer like Dogfish Head‘s Namaste White.

Namaste is a Belgian wheat ale, sometimes referred to as a witbier, so the majority of the grain used in brewing is wheat, giving it the lighter color and flavor.

This one was poured into a pint glass, and was a cloudy gold color with a mild carbonation. It’s also a small, 4.8% ABV, so it’s an easy-drinking beer due to its low alcohol content.

Belgian beers frequently have a predominant flavor of cloves or smoke, and Namaste follows suit. There’s also some citrus flavors going on (I noticed orange and lemon), and a slight bready flavor.

It’s definitely a very light, drinkable beer, though I tend to like my Belgian beers a bit more flavorful. This one was pretty mild on the cloves flavor, and I actually started to get a weird, chemical taste about halfway through. It definitely wasn’t, “Is that bleach?” No – it may have just been the orange getting to me.

Overall, it’s a great summer beer for casual beer fans, particularly if you typically drink something like Shock Top or Blue Moon. Hardcore Belgian fans may tend to shy away from it, but it’s certainly not a beer I would turn my nose up to if it was offered to me. 

Have you tried it? Let us know what you thought in the comments, or click the “Contact Us” page and drop us a line.


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