Elysian: Space Dust IPA

Is this IPA, “out of this world?”

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Pint glass of elysian Space Dust IPA craft beer
Elysian’s Space Dust IPA pours a nice dark-gold color, but its taste is the real beauty.
There’s been a lot of recent discussion about the ownership of various, formerly independent craft beer breweries. And really, no matter which side of the fence you land on, we can all agree that good beer is good beer, right?

Fortunately, that’s what you get with Elysian’s Space Dust IPA.
It pours into a pint glass as a dark gold color with good carbonation. Surprisingly, it has an alcohol content of 8.2% ABV, which is on the high end for IPAs (you usually see numbers like that in a double IPA).
Being an India Pale Ale (IPA), it has a strong hops flavor. It’s brewed with Amarillo, Citra & Chinook hops which all share various citrus flavors (with a little bit of pine flavor from the Chinook).
As a result, it smells really fruity, which continues to the taste as citrus flavors like grapefruit snd lemon. There’s even a slight bit of pine (as discussed earlier). The hop bitterness is pretty high, but not unbearable, and tends to linger in the back of your mouth after swallowing it.
Overall, this is a REALLY tasty west-coast IPA. If you’re a fan of that style, definitely pick up one of these. Even hardcore beer geeks will likely appreciate this one. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite go-tos.

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