Aspen Brewing: Independence Pass Ale

It’s good to be friends with beer guys.

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Aspen Brewing Independence Pass Ale IPA craft beer

Aspen Brewing’s Independence Pass Ale has great color – in or out of the can.

A good friend of mine recently came over and helped me with a big favor. Knowing that Mike liked good beers, and shared a love of IPAs, I picked up a good selection of beers for us to drink while we worked. After all, he was giving up most of his Saturday, and it was the least I could do.

So imagine my surprise when he handed me a can of beer. “I just had this – I think you’re really going to like it.”
The blue can he handed me was Independence Pass Ale from Aspen Brewing. I’d never heard of it, but I went ahead and tucked it in the refrigerator to taste later when I had some time to give it some attention.

Named after Aspen’s eastern boundary, Independence Pass Ale (conveniently abbreviated to IPA) is an India Pale Ale (also abbreviated as IPA) that pours a very dark gold with good carbonation, and a pretty nice alcohol content of 7% ABV.
Pouring it into a snifter glass, there’s not much aroma that I noticed, but there’s a lot of citrus flavor that shows up as orange and lemon. It’s balanced nicely with some malty sweetness, but it’s not overly bitter. You do get some bitterness in the aftertaste, but it’s surprisingly mild overall.

This was a really great IPA that I’d recommend to casual beer fans. Beer geeks should like it, particularly if you’re a fan of the NE IPAs that have started showing up (this one’s not very cloudy, though). It’s good enough that I’d be interested to try other beers from Aspen Brewing, assuming I can find them, too. 

Sounds like I’ll need to invite Mike over more often. 

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