Southern Tier: Tangier 2x IPA

A double IPA that packs a punch

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If you’re not a hop fan, you can stop reading here.

That’s because when it comes to double IPAs that pack a ton of bitter, flavorful hops, Southern Tier 2x Tangier IPA delivers in spades.

Double IPAs, sometimes referred to as Imperial IPAs, are craft beers brewed much like regular IPAs and pale ales, but are made with lots of extra hops and usually have a higher alcohol content than their little brothers.

My 2x Tangier was served in a pint glass and has a cloudy orange color with light carbonation. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have much aroma, despite being packed with earthy, slightly floral Mosaic hops.

The initial sip packs a TON of flavor, and is almost shockingly harsh with lots of citrus, including orange along with some mild grapefruit and lemon. There’s a mild sweetness from the malt, and a touch of the booziness that reveals its 8.1% ABV alcohol content. And while yes, there is a lot of bitterness, I found it actually mellows nicely as you continue to drink it.

Overall, it’s not one I would recommend to casual beer fans due to its strong hops bitterness, but DIPA fans should definitely keep an eye out for this one.


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