Jailbreak Brewing: Infinite Amber

Why should you consider an Amber ale?

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Sometimes you just want an easy-drinking craft beer, right? I mean, I love a good stout or porter, and IPAs are my favorite but, sometimes, I want something less pretentious. And I don’t really want something mild and fizzy like a lager or pilsner. That’s when an amber ale fits the bill nicely.

Amber ales (sometimes also called red ales) have a mature, malty flavor that’s not too sweet (like an Oktoberfest or Marzen), and they’re not usually overly bitter from hops. They’re just a solid, full-flavor beer that are very approachable.

And that’s what’s great about Infinite Amber from Maryland’s Jailbreak Brewing.

It pours into a pint glass as a nice dark reddish-amber color with good carbonation. Ambers tend to not be heavy-handed with the alcohol content either, and this one is an easy-drinking 5% ABV.

As you’d expect, the color foretells of the expected malty flavor, with a mild sweetness and a toned-down hoppy bitterness. I’d actually put this one closer to an English-style, since it has a slightly bready flavor, and a dry finish.

It’s what a proper amber ale should be, and makes for a beer that goes great paired with a meal, or just sipping with great conversation.

Infinite is one of Jailbreak’s top-selling beers, and for good reason. It’s very approachable for the casual beer fan (particularly if you like something like Fat Tire or even Killian’s) and is one I’d definitely recommend. Its actually one of my go-tos when I’m asked to, “bring some beer,” to a party.

You can usually find it in 6-pack cans, and I’ve started seeing it on tap more and more frequently, so it’s a great one to try that’s readily available in the mid-Atlantic area.

Give it a try – and re-discover how far Amber ales have come.


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