Waredaca Brewing: Reveille stout

The name suits it perfectly

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If you’ve ever spent time in the military, or at least a stint in summer camp as a kid, you’re no doubt familiar with Reveille, the bugle tune that’s become synonymous with, “Wake up and get your ass out of bed!”

So when Maryland’s Waredaca Brewing needed a name for their coffee stout, they took inspiration from the caffeine and the name stuck.

Made with darkly roasted malts, it pours into a glass as an opaque black with mild carbonation. At 7.5% ABV, however, the alcohol content is quite a bit higher than most stouts.

There’s definitely lots of coffee aroma that you can smell quite easily, and it follows through into the initial flavors of bitter, black coffee. This actually dissipates quickly, and you end up with some mildly bitter hops flavors. It has a slightly dry finish, and you get a wonderful, toasty-warm malty flavor in the aftertaste.

The nice thing about this beer is that, despite all the big, strong flavors, none of them are really overpowering for long.

Definitely a beer for hardcore stout lovers, but if you love coffee (and don’t typically go for stouts), this is a great one. You’re not going to get shades of sweet chocolate – it’s just malt, mild hops and lots of glorious coffee.

It’s definitely an eye-opener.


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