RavenBeer Receives 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in International Beer Packaging Competition

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Baltimore, MD – RavenBeer is excited to report that we have received the results of the 2018 World Championships Beer Packaging Competition from the Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago.

We have received the following awards:

• RavenBeer (MD) 20th Anniversary RavenSpecial Lager Premium Edition Paper Label. Gold Medal

• RavenBeer (MD) The Imp and the Madhouse Oyster Stout Tap Handle. Gold Medal, “Best Tap Handle”

• RavenBeer (MD) The Imp and the Madhouse Oyster Stout Paper Label. Gold Medal, “Best Paper Label”

• RavenBeer (MD) Four Poes in a Box Case Packaging. Silver Medal, “Best Case”

Award winning branding is critical in attracting today’s purchasers, especially in the crowded market place of craft beer. Having produced award winning beers such as The Raven Special Lager, Dark Usher Kölsch, The Cask Doppel Bock, Madhouse Oyster Stout and 20th Anniversary Lager, RavenBeer is positioned to stand out amongst the thousands of beers that confront the craft beer buyer.

As with our award winning Poe series artwork, the art for these labels, the case and tap handle was by Kevin Kallaugher (KAL), the editorial cartoonist for the Economist magazine, London and the Baltimore Sun with contributions by local artist Nolan Cartwright. RavenBeer is proud also to announce that our labels, case boxes and tap handles are produced by local manufacturers Hub Labels, Inc, Hagerstown, Green Bay Packaging, Hunt Valley and Mark Supik and Co., Baltimore, respectively.

Tastings.com – 2018 Beer Packaging Competition

At the end of each year, the Beverage Testing Institute offers the opportunity for breweries and design firms to showcase their brands’ designs. Tastings employs the most seasoned drinks trade panelists to analyze and rate hundreds of beer bottles, labels, six packs, cases, and gift boxes and determine who excelled in the important area of packaging.

Tastings, powered by the Beverage Testing Institute, was founded in 1981 with the goal of producing fair, impartial wine reviews for consumers. This philosophy still holds true today and has since expanded to include beer and spirits.

Over the years, Tastings reviews have appeared in publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Restaurant Hospitality, The New Yorker, CNBC, Wine & Spirits, International Wine Review, Epicurious.com, All About Beer, and many others.

Tastings is an independent product rating and review company that provides beverage buying guides and education for consumers and the trade. It is a certified member of the American Society of Testing and Materials. Their mission is to help you discover and understand drinks you will love.

About RavenBeer

Brewed by the Baltimore-Washington Beer Works (BWBW) in Baltimore, Maryland, RavenBeer and its brands are named after Baltimore’s literary genius, Edgar Allan Poe. Originally produced in the Black Forest region of Baden- Württemberg, Germany, RavenBeer unveiled The Raven Special Lager in the USA in June 1998 and the very first batch was used in the christening ceremonies of the USS Raven MHC 61 in Baltimore. Their portfolio has grown to 8 beers such as Tell Tale Heart IPA, Pendulum Pilsner, Annabel Lee White, The Cask (of Amontillado) Dobbel Bock, Dark Usher: Dark Kölsch, 20th Anniversary Raven Special Lager Premium and The Imp and the Madhouse Oyster Stout and 7 cask conditioned firkins, all named after Poe’s legendary short stories and poems.

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