DuClaw Brewing: Sour Me Peach Sherbet

The newest “Sour Me” from DuClaw

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Let’s just address the 1200-pound unicorn in the room.

Arguably one of the most talked about craft beers of 2019 was “Sour Me Unicorn Farts” from Baltimore’s DuClaw Brewing. Created in collaboration with a local donut shop, the beer was an acidic sour made with Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal, and even had a healthy dose of edible glitter. It was whimsical. It was fun. It was polarizing. You didn’t just drink this beer – you drank it and either hated it, or loved it unconditionally and would argue with anyone who tried to convince you otherwise.

The two cans I found were shared at get-togethers because everyone wanted to try it. And I mean EVERYONE.

I have to admit that it wasn’t one of my favorites, but I did appreciate the brewer’s expertise involved with making a drinkable sour out of such bizarre ingredients. So when I heard that DuClaw was releasing the next beer in their Sour Me series, “Sour Me Peach Sherbet”, I wanted to give it a try.

DuClaw Brewing Sour Me Peach Sherbet craft beer can
DuClaw Brewing’s new Sour Me Peach Sherbet comes in this fantastically orange 16oz. can.

(Full disclosure: DuClaw heard I wanted some, and shipped me a can to taste.)

Peach Sherbet is a wheat ale that’s made with tons of peaches, lactose for a little sweetness, and lots of other fun stuff to make it a sour.

The orange, 16oz. can is gorgeous, and the beer pours as a deep, orangey amber color. The initial carbonation is good, and the head fades quickly, but the beer retains a nice fizziness.

As you’d expect, the aroma is really nice, with lots of peach coming through, so feel free to bury your nose in the glass for s minute and take it all in.

Peaches, orange, and maybe a slight bit of vanilla? That’s what you get once you finally taste it. It almost gets a little bit like peach candy, but it works. It starts sweet, then sour (but not that overly crazy, battery-acidic sourness you sometimes get with this genre), and has a drier finish. This would actually be great with some solid, vanilla ice cream on the side. Or heck, just shamelessly dump a scoop into the glass. Best of all, it’s an easy-drinking 5.5% ABV, so the alcohol content isn’t too high.

Altogether, it’s a fun, summer cocktail of a beer that is great for casual beer fans, cider lovers, and even wine drinkers who prefer sweeter white wines and moscatos. Fans of sour beers should find lots to love about this one.

And hey, if you’re missing the edible glitter, feel free to top off your glass. We won’t judge.


Sour Me Peach Sherbet is a lovely color.

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