DuClaw Has Thousands of Gallons of Hand Sanitizer Ready for Businesses in Need

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Maryland hand sanitizer now available in 300 gallon totes, 50 gallon drums, 1 gallon containers; Smaller quantities planned for individual consumer purchase in the coming weeks

Baltimore, Md. – DuClaw Brewing Company has produced and begun selling bulk quantities of hand sanitizer to government entities and essential private businesses, with more available for purchase at below-market pricing.

The brewery is initially offering bulk product to government entities such as local Maryland health departments, EMS services, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and essential private businesses such as grocery chains or janitorial service organizations in quantities of 1-300 gallons. Later on, if immediate bulk needs are met and packaging is procured for smaller quantities, the brewery plans to offer it for purchase for individual consumers.  

“We’re doing this in order to help meet our community need, and to help bring in sales for the brewery to keep our employees paid,” said DuClaw President Dave Benfield. “We’ve sold 1,800 gallons to local government entities so far, and have the ability to continue producing large quantities as long as the ingredients remain available. Hopefully we can help to meet the need quickly, which in turn helps us keep up with our operational costs. We are thankful for everyone who has been helping to spread the word.” 

To order hand sanitizer in bulk, please email sanitizer@duclaw.com.

DuClaw is able to fulfill requests for hand sanitizer for purchase in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Additionally, DuClaw is currently offering curbside beer to-go from the brewery (8901 Yellow Brick Rd. Rosedale, MD 21237) 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mon – Fri with pre-orders at store.duclaw.com.

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