What is a “Beer Clean” Glass?

Bubbles in your beer are great – but here’s why they’re not always what you want to see in your glass.

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Dirty glass and Beer Clean glass
Beer with bubbles is great – but it’s not always what you want to see. Keep reading to find out why.

Real quick – which glass has the sparkling water?

If you guessed, “Both,” you’d be correct – so how does this relate to beer? Because beer acts the same way.

If you’re served a beer in a glass that has bubbles, you don’t have a clean glass. While it does have varying degrees of grossness, the truth is that you could actually taste a difference.

Bubbles tend to stick to things like enzymes and grease that are stilll on the glass. And, if your palate’s good enough, you might actually notice a subtle tweak to the flavor, especially with something light like a pilsner or lager.

Most breweries are really great about cleaning glasses with sanitizer, so don’t give your hard-working bar staff a hard time if you see a few bubbles. However, if your glass looks like the one on the left, politely let them know. Don’t be surprised if glasses from your own dishwasher react the same way.

A “beer clean” glass will be nice snd clear like the one on the right.

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