7 easy social media ninja hacks you can do today

You’re tasked with running your business’ social media, but you’re not getting the results you hoped for. What can you do? Here’s an easy solution.

We’ve put together a list of simple – but hugely effective – tips YOU can start using today.

Start practicing these hacks, and watch your social media transform in no time.


  1. Like” your own posts. It’s easy – you write a post, click “Share”, then hit that heart or Like button. Facebook/Instagram will see that reaction, and start using the algorithms to show it to more of your followers much sooner than if you hadn’t “liked” it. 
  2. Don’t repost from Instagram to Facebook. Instagram users are cool with @ account names and hashtags. Facebook users are not – that’s why they’re on Facebook. When you click that “share on Facebook” option on your Instagram post, it copies everything over to FB, and none of those @ account tags work. They only upset.
  3. Time of day matters. You might be awake at 2am, but your audience isn’t. When you post at 2am, and Facebook sees no one reacting, the algorithms see it as not important, and the post is shown to a much smaller audience than it would have been if it was posted at 10:30 the next morning.
  4. Make hashtags relevant to your post. #Beer works fine. #Craftbeer works better because it weeds out macro beer posts. #MarylandBeer is even better because it’s a smaller pool and your posts will be more visible because they’re not competing with millions of others. Just don’t use #Eldorado (when talking about Eldorado hops) or else your post will be lost among all the posts about old Cadillacs.
  5. Create engagement with your post’s copy. It’s easy. “We have a new beer release!” Simply add something that causes conversation, such as, “Who’s ready to come have a pint?” or, “Looks tasty, right?”
  6. Reply to comments on your posts. Make them like you. Show them you’re listening. They’ll feel special and rewarded. Plus, the FB/IG algorithms LOVE comments, so your post gets pushed to a lot more people. Just check back because you may not get Facebook notifications about new ones. And don’t forget to tag them in your reply so they get the notification. 
  7. Don’t confuse “Likes” with “Engagement”. You posted a comic or meme that got 75 “likes” and zero comments. Essentially, those 75 people thought, “Oh, that’s funny,” and moved on. Online humor doesn’t make you money – their purchase makes you money. Make them crave your product – not your choice of clip art.