Christian LeHew Eric Leighton Frank About Beer
Christian (L) and Eric (R) from Frank About Beer.

Christian and Eric like to drink beer. We like other people who like to drink beer. But when you’re drinking craft beer, you don’t always know what you’re going to get, right? So, over a couple of pints, we decided there needed to be a simplified, down-to-earth and, well, FRANK and HONEST beer education site.

We started Frank About Beer to give you the honest opinion and information you need – right from the tap. Along the way, we’ll help you understand what to look for, help you navigate a cooler full of beers or an intimidating beer list at a bar or brewery, and help you learn more about the breweries and the people who make it all possible.


It was a chance meeting with Dick Yuengling in 1996 that made Christian a beer fan. He was taking the tour of the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA, and noticed a tall, grey-haired man standing in the bottling area. Stepping aside, he gave the man a knowing nod, which was met with a wide smile and an outstretched hand by the brewery owner. His introduction to craft beer came a few months later when he visited the Brandywine Brewing Company (Wilmington, DE) where he discovered a whole new world of wheat beers, porters, stouts and his favorite, IPAs. The brewery part has since closed (and is now a cozy pub), but Christian’s two empty, BBC-branded growlers remain as happy reminders of where it all started.


Like many of us, Eric’s first beer experiences involved things like funnels, ping-pong balls, and red plastic cups. Fast-forward many years later, now with a wife and a couple of kids, and he has developed a new appreciation of the many varieties of craft beer. Eric’s day job in sales has him travelling to many different places, and after finishing up a long day, he enjoys visiting the different watering holes to sample the local favorites. From enjoying a kolsch in the historical streets of Cologne to a Flying Dog close to home, he has always been open to trying new things. He’s not a snob when it comes to beer, but wants to know what his options are. That’s why Eric has made it his passion to bring suggestions on what you may want to try and to do it from the perspective of an average Joe.